Garden Tips
and Ideas

Fencing is not just to create borders and maintain a level of privacy, correctly chosen fencing enhances the structures and the planting of your garden. Options are of course endless but currently include willow and hazel hurdles, featheredge boarding, post and rail, steel railings, rabbit fencing, picket fencing, living willow screens -and traditional panels. We always install posts in a traditional manner, that is directly into the ground and thereafter consolidate back the earth. Using concrete as a fix will only accelerate the post rotting prematurely.  

To Co ordinate with the fencing and to create a shaded area why not consider a Pergola. Pergolas add height and feature to garden. It is also important to "over spec" the wood chosen when growing Wisteria. This particular plant becomes very heavy over time and thus it confirms that the structure must be constructed with this in mind.

Gazebo are another popular choice of the garden. Previous projects have included living willow with climbing jasmine infused into the structure.


Trellis can be either decorative or functional. An ideal choice for climbing plants to give a pleasing view to the garden whilst increasing privacy. Choices again are wide and varied. We will be more than happy to advise you.

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