Garden Tips
and Ideas

Low maintenance gardens are ideally suited for busy business professionals, the more mature amongst us who find up keeping a traditional garden tiresome or those who just do not have green fingers! With Farm and Garden low maintenance does not mean clearing the whole area into a non de script concrete slab! We can design and build patios from attractive stone, coupled with a Pergola. We can literally offer your hundreds of options so the garden can be considered as the room outside where to unwind and relax.  

Artificial Grass

Fortunately the days where artificial grass resembled a huge door mat have long gone. The texture now is so similar to real turf this now becomes a real option to consider. Lazy Lawn™ is a very realistic occasional grass substitute. again contact us to discuss your plans with us. This product is available in a range of textures and even colours.


Gravel Pathways

Another popular choice in the low maintenance garden is gravel. Choices start from traditional gravel to broken slate in a range of colourways, For a more contemporary feel why not consider a coloured pathway of glass? Again the possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact us to arrange a site visit and a no obligation estimate.

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